Is my child gifted?

Is your child a good fit for the Small Poppies gifted learning classes?

There’s no need for your child to have been assessed by an educational psychologist to attend Small Poppies. If you have questions about formal assessment, please chat with Sue or Ashle about the process.

An assessment can be a very valuable tool in your parenting journey, but the research tells us that when parents suspect their child is gifted, they’re most often correct! So, chances are, you’ve made it to the right place, even if you’re still early in your journey to learn about giftedness.

Characteristics of Giftedness in the Early Years*

From “Giftedness in the Early Years: Informing, Learning, and Teaching”

Needs very little sleep
Began to talk very early or was very late in talking but then learned fast
Has a large vocabulary; uses unusual or ‘big’ words
Talks very fluently; uses language easily and correctly
Generally reached physical milestones earlier than most
Demands attention constantly; is persistent
Is intensely curious; is always asking “Why?”; really wants to know the answer
Is very observant of detail
Has an excellent memory
Is very independent; insists on doing things for him/herself
Loves being read to/is reading/has asked to be taught to read
Is quickly bored with simple or repetitive games and toys
Shows impatience with tasks that seem meaningless
Can concentrate for long periods when interested
Creates make-believe playmates, invents games, makes up lots of stories (often complicated)
Can not only count but also in beginning to grasp maths concepts
Arranges toys and other items, putting the same kinds of things together
Has a highly developed, quite sophisticated, sense of humour
Learns easily - only needs to be told things once or twice
Is very sensitive; distressed by hurts experienced by other people or creatures
Is generally the leader in any group of children
Seems to prefer the company of older children or adults
Doesn’t seem to fit in with other children
Can be impatient with others who don’t think as fast or do things as well as s/he does
Often seems frustrated when ideas outreach ability to perform

*No child is likely to exhibit all these characteristics, but if several are observed or demonstrated, giftedness should be considered.

What parents say...

Before Small Poppies, I felt like everyone was judging me as a parent, because my kid was so different from the others her age. The assumption was that I was pushing her to learn and develop academic skills, when in reality, I was just trying to keep up with her hunger for learning!  At Small Poppies, the other parents understood the challenges of having a gifted kid, plus I was allowed to share her accomplishments without people thinking I was bragging or boasting.  And for my daughter, the chance to really delve into some learning and make friends was invaluable.

- Ashliegh, former SP parent